12 Rules of Winning at the Horse Racing Track

Felipe Gonzales December 6, 2012 0
12 Rules of Winning at the Horse Racing Track

December 5th, 2012

  1. Avoid chitchatting with other race players. Anybody who
    knows anything worthwhile won’t tell you anything.
  2. Keep daily racing notes and make them brief. Short
    notes every day will serve you far better than a bunch of
    complicated figures that you work up now and then.
  3. If you are good at observing the price lines, you’ll find
    your best prospects in fields of six to eight horses.
  4. If you like to play longshots, you’ll do best with fields that
    have eleven or twelve horses.
  5. Speed figures produce more winners than systems based
    only on class and class drops. Class plus weight‑off add
    up to the most reliable figures of all.
  6. Be selective not only with the horses you bet, but with the
    races you bet.
  7. A horse that has previously started over today’s race course
    is usually better than one that has yet to take a trip around.
  8. A strong rider is better than a weak one. Many a jockey
    who can do 95 pounds can do nothing else.
  9. There are people training horses who couldn’t train a
    pig to eat! When you figure a race, make the trainer an
    important element in your handicapping.
  10. It’s 1,000 to 1 that any bad habits on the part of the horse
    were picked up from the bad habits of all the people who
    have worked with him.
  11. Jockey streaks—winners and losers—tend to be longer
    than trainer streaks.
  12. Ouch! If your horse keeps bobbing his head enroute to
    post, dipping his nose to right or left, save your money:
    He’s sore in a foreleg. Bet this horse to lose.

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