Horse Racing Progression and Unit Betting Systems

Felipe Gonzales December 6, 2012 0
Horse Racing Progression and Unit Betting Systems

December 5th, 2012

Everybody knows how it feels to pick five winners in an afternoon—and then go home tapped out. This collection of progressive, unit-betting systems will help you manage your money while still getting some kicks out of handicapping.

System #2
Edna’s Special

This one probably sounds like the daily special at your local diner. It isn’t. It was one of Edna Luckman’s (co-founder of the Gambler’s Book Club) favorite plays.
Here’s something to ponder: Three winners at 3‑2 add up to the same reward as one winner at 9‑2. In capital risked,however, the formula is $9 for $6 as compared to $9 for $2. The respective chances of winning vary depending on the number of entries in each race. For example, the contender ina six‑horse race has 1 chance in 6 to win and must beat five horses. But if he is bet to place, he need beat only four horses.
Betting the horses is more a matter of getting money value than your percentage of winners.

Handicapping Time:
Only as long as it takes to read the program

System #3
Horse Park Chops System

Glitter Gulch Gus, denizen of the Las Vegas craps escarpments and former horsebook operative, plays the Chops system at dice. It’s pretty simple, really: Bet up one unit when you win, and bet down one unit when you lose.
Converting this to a torrid scheme at horse parks, here’s a money method that’s great if you’re running hot. If you’re ice‑cold, it at least provides 20 plays before blowout.
Starting with a $100 bankroll, place your wagers in $5 units. If you win, go up five units. If you lose, go down five units. Your stop loss is your total bank. If you hit some overlays or longshots, rent an armored Brinks pleasure vehicle!

Handicapping Time:
Only as long as it takes to read the program

For more systems see 150 Professional Horse Racing Systems available at the Gamblers Book Club.

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