Jokers Wild Video Poker Strategy

Felipe Gonzales December 6, 2012 0

December 6th, 2012

     This game is played often on a nickel or quarter machine and some IGT machines call it “Joker Poker.” The single Joker in the deck is a wild card and can be used for any ranked card or suit to make the best possible poker hand. The following chart shows a typical payout schedule for the quarter game.

Jokers Wild Payout Five Credits Bet

Winning Hand Payout Per Coin
 Royal Flush  4,000 or Progressive
 Five of a Kind  1,000 or Progressive
 Royal Flush with Joker  500
 Straight Flush  250
 Four of a Kind  75
 Full House  35
 Flush  25
 Straight  15
 Three of a Kind  10
 Two Pair  5
 Kings or Better  5

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