Poker Talk, Learn the Lingo

Felipe Gonzales January 11, 2013 0
Poker Talk, Learn the Lingo

Here are some phrases you will hear while playing the many variations of Poker. To see more read Avery Cardoza’s Poker Talk available at the Gamblers Book Club.

a-b-c player
A player whose by-the-book strategy makes him somewhat predictable.

above the curve
In a tournament, having more than the average number of chips.

Absolute nuts
The best hand possible based on the cards on board.

1. In high poker, the best and highest card. 2. In ACE-TO-FIVE low poker (as opposed to DEUCE-TO-SEVEN), the best and lowest card.
Also bullet, rocket, spike, and many other names

An ace with any card.

An ace with either a jack, queen, or king

Ace high
A hand that has no pairs or higher combinations and whose highest card is an ace.

A specific hand in which the ace is the highest card, as ace-high straight, ace-high flush, or simply an ace-high hand.

Ace kicker
Having an ace as a side card to a hand such as a PAIR or TWO PAIR.

Hands that render aces, powerful starting cards in hold’em, second-best.

Ace in the hole
An ace as a downcard in a stud game. 2. A powerful secret weapon.

To bet, raise, fold, or check.

Intentionally play weak cards to the showdown to misrepresent one’s playing style or skill level, or bluff in a situation in which one is likely to be called, setting the stage for trapping opponents on future hands.

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