Two easy to implement Horse Racing Systems

Felipe Gonzales February 17, 2013 1
Two easy to implement Horse Racing Systems

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Horse Racing systems have been around for ages. The Gamblers Book Club has been around to read and see many of them. Here are two quick horse racing systems we have saved over the years.


Check out the weights the horses are carrying in all of the races on today’s card. Consider only the horse carrying the most weight and the horse carrying the third-lowest weight. However, if more than one horse is slated to carry the same weight as the third lowest horse, pass. Check every race, marking the most-weight horse and the third-lowest weight horse for each race. Your picks will be the one horse in each race that is carrying the third-lowest weight and is showing the greatest difference in weight with the top horse in that race. Bet your pick to win and show. Or you can bet across the board, depending on the type of wager you prefer to make. You also may play one or two selections if you want to.

Handicapping Time:
1.5 hours reading the program


Form = fact + opinion is a formula the Brits use to perfection. But for form to be of value, the facts must be accurate and the opinions must be expert. Try this method for evaluating them. In handicapping the next major stakes event, assign a rating of 75 percent to “Known Facts.” Give a rating of 25 percent to “Opinion.” This method of evaluation has made English handicappers all the merrier.

Handicapping Time:
Only as long as it takes to read the program

Words to the Wise
Bad systems and lack of planning can dissipate one’s capital very rapidly, but sensible methods cut down the loss rate and enable backers to profit more frequently throughout the season. On the course, it should be an axiom of punters to bet and withdraw, if necessary. Plan the campaign before reaching the course, study the card, weigh up trainers’ prospects and arrive at a decision for one, two or three bets.
—Winning Racing Guide, London

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