Video Poker Deuces Wild Strategy

Felipe Gonzales December 6, 2012 0

December 6th, 2012

A simple Deuces Wild Strategy

  1. If we have three deuces and two to a Royal Flush, that’s a Royal Flush and should be held intact.

  2. With two deuces and three to a Royal, this hand should be held intact as a Royal Flush.
  3. Two deuces and a Three of a Kind hand is a Five of a Kind hand and should be held intact.
  4. If we have two deuces and three cards to a Straight Flush, this hand should be held intact. If it’s merely a flush, save the two deuces.
  5. With two deuces and three odd cards, none of which can give you a Royal Flush, draw three cards to the deuces.
  6. With a single deuce and three to a Royal Flush, plus an odd card, we discard the odd card and draw one card.
  7. Without a deuce, if the hand gives us a payout with all five cards intact, we hold the hand and don’t draw.
  8. Without a deuce, we hold the following hands: four to a Straight Flush, four to a Flush and four to a Straight, discarding the odd card.
  9. Without a deuce, we hold three card Straight Flushes and draw.
  10. With hands such as ♦A ♥K ♠Q ♦4 ♥8, we discard all the cards.

     Pairing any of the big cards or even making two pair gives us nothing. You’ll find you’ll often, up to 25% of the time, be discarding the cards dealt to you.
     Play the game correctly, and you’ll be rewarded with all kinds of big hands, and if you encounter a good winning streak, this game can earn you some good money even without hitting the Royal Flush.

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